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Summer VR Offerings for Kids and Teens

Passes, Packages & Day Camp

Immerse yourself in theBlu

Kid’s Adventure Pass

Bring your kids in for 90 minutes of VR adventure.  With 45 minutes of adventure and exploration (from the ocean to the stars, we have options for all), followed by 45 minutes of free play, where they choose from our many kid friendly options

Valid for ages 8-12

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Futuristic VR with Cyborgs

Teen Summer Escape Pass

Your preteen & teens will love this 2 hour getaway into another reality.  2 hours of flexible play, from educational to adventure to just freestyling, let your teen decide how to spend their time immersed in an alternate dimension.

Valid for ages 12-16

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VR Escape Room Horror

Discounted Kid Friendly Packages

Play 3 great games in 60 mintues

  • Package: Kid Friendly VR Fix 1
  • Package: Kid Friendly VR Fix 2

M-F 8am-1pm, kids ages 8-12 play for a sweet discount. Buy multiple packages for a deeper discount and bring their friends!

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Propagation Zombie Slayer

Discounted Packages for teens

Play 3 great games in 60 mintues

  • Package: First Time VR Fix
  • Package: VR Fix
  • Package: Zombie VR Fix
  • Package eSports VR Fix

M-F 9am-1pm, preteens & teens ages 12-16 can play our packages at a discounted price. Buy multiple packages for a deeper discount and bring their friends!

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VR 3d Art

Coming Soon

Kid’s VR 1/2 Day Camp

Offering will be posted by 6/10/23 and will run M-F, June 12 – Aug 11, 2023. Call 682-404-6445 for more information on how to book your VR day camp.  Online booking will be available as of 6/10/23

This is a customizable, 1/2 day camp for ages 10-14.  Level up your kid’s day camp experience.  4 hours sessions that includes content customized to your group.  Content can include

  • Education made fun:  Chemistry Lab, in a game show format, or  learning a foreign language while exploring a town in VR and more
  • Adventure/exploratory: From checking out the creatures in the ocean to exploring the stars.  Or hiking Mt Everest and exploring the Amazon.
  • Culture: have fun with art and music
  • Freeplay:  Multiplayer games promote healthy competition and keeps your group moving and engaged.

Ages 10-14, Minimum of 6 per camp

10 minute breaks per hour.  Snack and beverage included






12pm - 8pm

Monday - Thursday

12pm - 9pm


1pm - 9pm


12pm - 9pm


10 am - 9pm

Pre-paid Bookings are guaranteed. Walk-ins based on availability

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