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About Fixation Gaming

A Virtual Reality Arcade

 where you can Get Your Game On! Offering HTC-Vives and Oculus Rifts with a wide range of exciting games and experiences, as well as a motion chair to allow you to really feel those turns (and crashes!!!) during your favorite racing games. Come choose your reality – shootouts in the Wild, Wild West, robot rebellions that must be crushed in the future, use a crossbow, an ax, or a sword in medieval times, solve puzzles, defeat monsters and much, much more – it’s your reality and your choice. Play alone or with others, with family and friends that are with you or play with your buddy across town, or maybe across the country. Come play with us and get your Ultimate Reality Fix!

Our Story

June of 2017,

We were in Manhattan and experienced Virtual Reality. Joan’s first experience was a walk across a tightrope from skyscraper to skyscraper in the NYC skyline – that was pretty cool. Shane played a first person shooter game, John Wick. He loved it. Then she played Raw Data and an addict was born! Back at home in Dallas, we couldn’t find a place to play. Disappointing to say the least. So, we got an Oculus Rift for @ home and we couldn’t stop playing. But still, we were missing something, it was the social aspect – we wanted to be able to go, hang out and play in a space where there were a variety of games, we could be with friends and family playing the same games or different ones. From this desire, Fixation was born.





We are happy to accomodate bookings outside normal hours when possible.  Please contact us for special requests

Pre-Book or Walk In Hours Mon, Tues & Thurs: 3-8pm   Fri - Sat: 12-10pm  Sunday: 12-8pm
Pre-Bookings have Guaranteed Space, Walk Ins are Space available

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