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These are some frequently asked questions by people who have never played virtual reality before


Does it feel real?

Even though you are placed in an environment that is not real, your body will react as if it is. You may feel your stomach drop at tall heights or jump at surprises around the corner.

Can we record ourselves playing?

Yes! We encourage you to film yourself or we can do it for you and send it to you!

What is VR?

Virtual Reality (VR) is the use of computer technology to create a simulated environment. Unlike traditional user interfaces, VR places the user inside an experience. Instead of viewing a screen in front of them, users are immersed and able to interact with 3D worlds.

What Do You Mean By 'The Best Virtual Reality'?

We will always strive to be on the cutting edge once it comes to hardware and experiences. It will cost far less to play with us than to keep up with all the current hardware and experiences on your own.

What Games Do You Have?

At Fixation we are constantly adding experiences to our system’s library. For a full list of the experiences we offer, please visit the experiences tab in the top right hand corner!

There Is A Game I Want To Play But You Don't Have It. Will You Add It For Me?

We’re always looking to expand our Experiences Library with the latest new content! If you have a suggestion for a experience you want to see at Fixation, please let us know! If you happen to own a game that’s missing from the Games Library, don’t hesitate to ask to log into your own Steam account and play!

How Do I Book Time?

Just like buying tickets for a movie! All bookings at Fixation are done in advance either through our online booking system, or over the phone using the following steps: Tell us the number of people attending. Pick your preferred time slot. Complete your payment – that’s it!

How Much Before My Appointment Should I Be There?

We recommend arriving 20 minutes before your booked appointment to sign our Terms and Conditions waivers, get set-up and choose your experience!

Age Limit?

There is no age limit but you must be at least 48” (4’) tall to enjoy our spaces properly.


Cost varies by block of time you play!  We also offer memberships and sales.  Check out PRICING under the “BOOK” Tab!

Do you serve alcohol?

We don’t offer alcohol for sale but after 7 PM and during private events the arcade is BYOB.

Is it expensive?

Purchasing VR gaming equipment and accessories can get pricey. Fortunately, Fixation has all of this equipment for you to play on and experience already.


Do I have to be a gamer to enjoy playing VR?

There is a Virtual Reality experience for anyone. You can experience new environments, paint a 3D masterpiece, or play with friends in a make believe world!

Why Should I Come Experience VR?

The short answer? Because it’s fun. The long answer? Fixation lets you interact with another world. You could be pulling back the string of a bow or be looking down the scope of a rifle. You could be commanding an army at your feet or holding a heavy golf club. As limitless as your options are in reality you will have many more in virtual reality. We are here to provide you with the newest and best in the virtual world.

Why Should I Come To Fixation? Can't I Buy My Own System?

We would love for you to own your own system! The advantage of using our service is the speed at which new equipment and experiences come out. To keep up with that on your own will cost far more than spending 5-10 hours a month at Fixation .

Can I Play My Own Games?

Feel Free! If you have your own Steam account with your own library of VR games, then you’re more than welcome to sign into your personal account and play! Just remember that the more time you spend logging in, the less time you’ll have to play!

Do I Have To Play Alone Or Can I Play With Friends?

VR is a social experience! We can put you all in the same experience so you will play with your friends! This is really the way to go!

How Many Friends Can I Bring?

The Hurst location has the capacity to have 15 playing simultaneously, 8 in a single multiplayer experience. For a group of 10 or more people we offer book the arcade packages.

Do I Have To Book Ahead At Fixation Or Can I Just Walk In?

You can come in anytime but we cannot guarantee the spaces will be available. To ensure you get to play, please book ahead!


Absolutely! Our headsets are designed to be usable while wearing eyeglasses. We do recommend contacts if possible though.

Do you serve food or drinks?

We have drinks and snacks available for purchase.





We are happy to accomodate bookings outside normal hours when possible.  Please contact us for special requests

Pre-Book or Walk In Hours Mon, Tues & Thurs: 3-8pm   Fri - Sat: 12-10pm  Sunday: 12-8pm
Pre-Bookings have Guaranteed Space, Walk Ins are Space available

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