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Step 1

Playing VR

Book your VR Station

Each VR Station is equipped with 1 headset, 2 controllers and a dedicated 10×10 space where you can play a wide variety of virtual reality games and experiences.  We have over 130 different experiences available at the arcade covering a huge variety of subjects and activities.  During your session, you can switch experiences at any time.  Switching time is counted towards your session time.

For a lot of players this is thier first time trying VR and not knowing what you want to do is perfectly understandable.   If that is the case our staff will be more than happy to make recomendations as well as help you throughout your session when needed in case you get stuck.

If you come with a friend or a group you can take advantage of our multi-player VR options.  We have a significant portion of our experiences that have been designed for multi-player.  In those experiences you will see each other’s avitar, be able to communicate while in the game, and enjoy the expereince together.  We have some experiences that will support up to 10 players at a time.

  • Only 1 person can occupy a station at a time
  • Sharing a station is not permitted at the current time
  • If you have someone who will attend but not play (a watcher) we have TVs over every station so they can get an idea of what the player is experiencing.
  • Stations are equipped with HTC Vive wireless equipment ( which we believe gives the best expereince)
  • Indicate in the booking notes any game or experience preferences
Specialty VR

Specialty VR Experiences

The 2 player Shared Space System (sometimes refered to as the Atom) is equipped with 2 Vive Pro headsets, controllers, and 2 – 50 inch displays.   This system is special because you are both in the same physical space.  Meaning the avitar you see in VR represents where the other playing is in real life and what they are doing.  

  • 2 people play at a time
  • The games will not be found anywhere else, they are created especially for this system are easy to get in play and have fun.
  • There are approximately 6 different games available that take roughly 10 minutes to complete
  • Coop and PVP
  • Great option for 1st time VR experiences

The Full Motion VR Racing Simulator is equipped with 1 Oculus Rift headset, 2 controllers, a racing wheel, pedals, and a 50 inch display. When you turn the steering wheel the entire chair moves to simulate the real life movement you would feel in a car. When you go over a curb the car simulates the feeling.  Bet you can’t wait to crash!

  • Only 1 person can play at a time (there’s only 1 seat!)
  • Sharing a session is not permitted
  • As we only have 1 of these stations there are no multiplayer options
  • You have the option of using the VR headset or the flat screen display for this experience. For some people with the chair moving in time with the game, the VR headset makes it too real. With or without the VR headset, it’s still a Blast!

The Mixed Media VR Room is equipped with 2 VR stations using Vive Wireless headsets, 2 controllers, Hi Definition cameras and 50 inch displays.  The walls are painted green and we are able to take video of you while you play a VR games overlaying it with game footage and then give you that video to have as a keepsake and\or share with others. 

  • Only 1 person can play at a time 
  • This is a solo expereince not multiplayer capable

The Flight Simulator is a seated experieince equipped with 1 Oculus Rift headset, 2 controllers, and a 50 inch display.   Pilot advanced multi-role jets, using your hands to flip switches, press buttons, and manipulate the virtual flight controls.  Take on a wide array of challenges that will put your flight skills, situational awareness, and combat tactics to the test.

  • Only 1 person can play at a time (there’s only 1 seat!)
  • Sharing a session is not permitted
  • As we only have 1 of these stations there are no multiplayer options

Step 2


After booking your stations, you will receive an email confirmation.  In that email you will have a link to sign our digital waiver.  You will also be given the oportunity to forward it to others if you have a group booking.

Each participant is required to sign a waiver. If you are under the age of 18, you must have a parent or guardian fill and sign your waiver.  You must complete the waiver prior to your visit.

On arrival

You or your group will be given a short tutorial about how to use the equipment.   

If at any time you need help there will normally be a staff member close by to offer assistance with any thing you need related to the Arcade or VR.

Step 3

Special Game interests or requests

With over 130 virtual reality games and experiences, there’s hardly ever a dull moment at Fixation. If you have seen or heard about a game that you would like to play on your visit to the Arcade please let us know when you book.   We will do everything we can to accomodate you but we don’t have every game made and are not able to get all games.   If you are only interested if we have a specific game or expereince please contact us at [email protected] and we will confirm if we can accomodate your request prior to booking.

Multiplayer Games

One of the best aspects of virtual reality is sharing the experience with friends. We have dozens of multiplayer games that allow you to speak to, hear, and even see other players (avatars) through the headset. To play with others in your group, you must book multiple stations.




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