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Smash Point VR

Dive into Smash Point VR a cartoon-styled world, chasing and smashing each other with the coolest new weapons.  A competitive multiplayer VR game that it is played in all against all mode so the fun never ends because no one dies for long.  The standard number of rounds is 10, each between 5-7 minutes long.

In Smash Point VR, the player with the most points wins. The game can host up to 10 players and Bots can be used to fill positions.  The game will automatically keep the number of players to a minimum of 6.

With 12 charismatic characters in Smash Point, everyone can find their favourite.

Great for groups of mixed ages.


SINGLE PLAYER:  —————————————————————————– Yes
MULTIPLAYER:  ——————————————————————————- Yes
KID FRIENDLY:  ——————————————————————————   Yes
DIFFICULTY:  ——————————————————————————–  Easy
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