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Pavlov VR is one of the most well known VR shooters, partially thanks to its viral success among YouTubers, and partially because it basically delivers on the dream of playing Counter-Strike in VR.  There are also a few different and unique game modes that you won’t find in many other online VR shooters with game modes such as gun game, team death match, search and destroy as well as multiplayer zombies.



SINGLE PLAYER:—————————————————————————– Yes
MULTIPLAYER:——————————————————————- 1 – 8 Players
KID FRIENDLY:——————————————————————————-  No
DIFFICULTY:——————————————————————–  Intermediate

Pavlov is very fast, easy to pick up and play, and one of the more enjoyable multiplayer FPS games on offer. At this current time, this is the closest you’ll get to Counter-Strike in VR. There are multiple guns, knives, grenades, body armor, etc., that you can buy mid-match.   Speaking of guns, you have actually quite a few to choose from, starting from assault rifles, SMGs, LMGs, Shotguns, Snipers and Handguns. Plus all of the weapons can have different attachments such as scopes, stocks, silencers etc. So there is something for everyone.

This uses trackpad locomotion, so you’ll need to have a pretty good VR stomach. You can hold a rifle with one hand, but your aim will be terrible. Hold it with two hands, and you’ll stand a chance. Move your controllers up and down in unison to line up your rifle and aim down the sights. This game does have a learning curve from the controls standpoint, but once you know the controls like second nature this game really takes on a life of it’s own.

Pavlov VR provides a multiplayer shooter that is a lot easier to play than other titles seeing as it provides unlimited ammo in the belt packs. It is addictively fun with several game varieties available from the classic deathmatch and team death matches, Gun Game and Search and Destroy to the newly devised Traitor games and the Prison break games.

Each gun has to be reloaded in the same fashion as you would have to in real life, this is a very exciting new touch but does take some practice.  Overall the multiplayer element is fantastic, you are able to talk to other players in the game whilst blowing their heads off or whisper taunts as you sneak up behind them. Team games are particularly engaging, when playing there is communication and strategy required.


Game Modes:

Search and Destroy
The Search and Destroy game mode consists of 2 minute rounds. Players have one life per round, the “Terrorist” team has the objective of planting a bomb on one of several bomb locations, while the “Counter Terrorists” need to defend the bomb locations. First team to 10 wins.

Team Deathmatch
Two teams are pitted against each other with the goal of accumulating the most kills of the opposite team. Spawn times are short and players may purchase weapons during the first moments of their spawn time.

Gun Game
Each player spawns with an M249. Once a player receives a kill with the weapon, the next weapon in the list spawns in their hand and they must earn a kill with it. This process continues until a player has killed another player with the last weapon, a knife. There are 20+ gun levels.  This is a free-for-all mode, so players are encouraged to kill every other player in the game.

A free-for-all Deathmatch mode needed to be added first, to provide a base for the Gun Game gamemode. In any round, you are pitted against all the other players in the game.

Trouble in Terrorist Town
In TTT mode, there are 10 players per match: six innocent civilians, three terrorists, and one detective. Instead of killing people for the highest score, the objective depends on whatever role you’re randomly given at the start of every round.
If you’re an innocent, your goal is to survive for five minutes.
If you’re a traitor, your goal is to kill everyone that is not a traitor.
If you’re the detective, your goal is to find out who the traitors are and help the innocents survive.

When the round ends; either the civilians win, or the traitors win. The round will end if all the traitors are dead, if all the innocents and the detective are dead, or if the time runs out. If the time runs out, traitors lose.









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