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Job Simulator VR

In Job Simulator VR, you are immersed in the year 2050.  In a world where robots have replaced all human jobs, step into the “Job Simulator” to learn what it was like ‘to job’.  Players can relive the glory days of work by going through a series of scenarios of what it was like to be a gourmet chef, an office worker, a store clerk, and or a mechanic.


SINGLE PLAYER:  —————————————————————————– Yes
MULTIPLAYER:  ——————————————————————————-  No
KID FRIENDLY:  ——————————————————————————  Yes
DIFFICULTY:  ——————————————————————————–  Easy

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In 2050, robots cook, clean, service, and organize the world with precision and speed, so now human jobs are a thing of the past.  There are no more nine-to-five jobs, but humans raised in this automated society must not forget their history. This is why JobBot was born. JobBot created Job Simulator VR to teach humans what it is ‘to job’. All praise to JobBot, for he is the keeper of human history

In the world of Job Simulator VR, you take on the role of someone going through scenarios designed to imitate what it was like for average, ordinary humans to perform their daily tasks at different jobs: Auto Mechanic, Gourmet Chef, Store Clerk, or Office Worker.

Job Simulator VR is not only a hilarious game to boot up for a quick laugh, but also as one of the best ways to introduce someone to VR for the very first time.

Get Creative

Each scenario is so full of humor and charm that it’s hard not to play through each job all the way from start to finish without stopping. However, a big part of the fun is how creative you can get with your environment.

For example, a favorite job is Gourmet Chef. One reason is because it is one of the best displays of all of the game’s systems working together, such as picking up and manipulating objects, mixing things together, changing temperatures, and much more. Furthermore, this level is great because you can see how the fish across the room react to the different things you toss into their tank.

Learn what it was like when cooking was a human task.

Spend a day in the shoes of an office cubicle worker.

Manage customers as a convenience store clerk.

Fix cars as an Automotive mechanic!






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