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Archangel Hellfire



  • Award-winning Solo Campaign: Explore what fueled The Great Mech Wars
  • Team Deathmatch (2v2 and 1v1 [PvP]): Who reigns Hellfire? Decide by Deathmatch
  • Coop Mech Assault (1-4 pilots): Battle waves of enemy mechs with friends
  • Elite Skins: Change up your mech skin and up the intimidation factor

Year 2089: Original Story
The world is in ruins under HUMNX, a rotten mega corporation trying to “heal the world,” no matter the human cost. The US Free Forces leads the resistance against HUMNX, armed with a one-of a kind, mech weapon: the Archangel. HUMNX has abundant resources, but the USFF is determined to take freedom back. Rise from the rubble and prepare for combat: You are the last, best hope of the free.

Year 2099: Current Events
After a few strategic USFF victories, HUMNX has adapted. In response to the Archangel weapon, the resourceful corporation deployed three new, state-of-the-art mechs featuring advanced movement and weapons systems. The USFF rises to the new challenge and initiates automated, mechanized war-machine construction to increase their own mech roster to an equivalent level.

USFF knows it can’t  keep pace with HUMNX  weapons enhancements, so it strikes the largest enemy Mech Replication site, Genesis Facility. HUMNX immediately retaliates. The ensuing war results in extensive destruction and far too many casualties. When The Great Mech Wars end, who will be left?  Will there be a world left to reclaim?



SINGLE/MULTIPLAYER:  ——————————————————————-  Yes
KID FRIENDLY:  ——————————————————————————-  No
DIFFICULTY:  —————————————————————————  Variable






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