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ARVI VR Escape Room: ALICE

The Mission: Break The Queen of Hearts’ evil time spell. Drink a shrinking potion to follow the White Rabbit through twisted mazes in the world behind the looking-glass. Sort out the mess at The Mad Hatter’s tea party. Let the Cheshire Cat guide you through the enchanted Dark Forest and use tips from the Caterpillar to save the fairies. Sneak past the Card Guards into the castle filled with tricky traps and defeat the Queen of Hearts. Lift the spell from the clock tower to save Wonderland in 60 minutes or less!

*New players should expect to be in the arcade for 75 minutes.


MULTIPLAYER ONLY:———————————————————— 2 – 6 Players
DURATION: ————————————————————————- 60 minutes
DIFFICULTY:————————————————————————- -Advanced
AGES:————————————————————————————- 12 – 80+
PRICING:——————————————————————————— $45/pp




12pm - 9pm

Monday - Thursday

10am - 9pm


12pm - 10pm


10 am - 11pm

Pre-paid Bookings are guaranteed. Walk-ins based on availability

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