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For All of our Special P1 Friends:

Free Experience – Let’s slay some zombies*

Use this code when booking and receive a free experience in our exciting wireless system “The Atom”!  Start in a creepy courtyard, with zombies coming at you from all sides.  Get as many headshots as possible so that you max your out your Score. 

*If zombies aren’t your thing, ask us about an alternate offer.

Competition – Get the weekly high score

Get the weekly high score to win a 1 hour session for 2!  That is 2 free hours of VR!  With access to over 60 experiences, bring a friend or use all the time for yourself!  Experiences include sports, escape rooms, first person shooter games, puzzles, rhythm games, exploration, the list goes on.  Come escape to another reality! 


Come get in the game!

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Click to be taken to the booking page.  Scroll down to choose the P1 Experience from “Select a Service” bar.   The offer code goes in the comments section.

Offer code “Find it”

 You don’t have to book in advance but bookings have priority and availability is based on space available.


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