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Great for single player or for groups playing together

First Time VR Fix 

Priced per player (pp). Packages must be booked online or by calling 682-404-6445. Not valid for walk ins. Numbers in bold below show the # of players each game supports



$45 pp for 60 minutes
$15 pp for each additional 30 minutes

60 minute sessions: Play the selected package games
90 minutes or more:  Play the package games for the first 60 minutes.  Then choose to continue playing the package games or play any of our other titles, excluding premium titles.  Premium titles are available for an additional fee in the Arcade

First Time Player Package

Package: First Time VR Fix

Ideal for first time players

Single player or Groups. Includes:

  • Game 1 Elven Assassin: Battle Orcs, Ogres & Dragons to save your town. 1-4
  • Game 2 Crisis Brigade 2: You are a SWAT trooper dealing with terrorists. 1-2 
  • Choose a 3rd game during booking
    • Beat Saber: Rhythm, Slash the beats to your music.  1-5
    • Cowbots & Aliens: Wild, wacky western shooter &  free for all brawl – EVERYTHING is a weapon.  1-10
    • Propagation VR:  Intense, scary zombie shooter.  1-2
    • RagnaRock: Rhythm, Race your Viking boat to the beat. 1-4
    • Tower Tag: Hyper-dynamic PVP cyberpunk shooter. 1-8
    • Zomday: Wave zombie shooter 1-8, med to hard difficulty






12pm - 9pm

Monday - Thursday

9am - 9pm


9am - 10pm


10 am - 11pm

Pre-paid Bookings are guaranteed. Walk-ins based on availability

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