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It’s easy to work together when things are calm, but how does your team do under pressure?  Stress behaviors are the hardest to change, so knowing how your team responds under pressure is crucial to success.  Team building in VR enables you to see how your team will respond under pressure without it impacting your office, project or work environment.  Plus, it’s a real good time and that helps team bonding.


Utilize problem solving skills in a virtual escape room, or take your group into combat, after all, nothing says “I’ve got your back” like working together to triumph over evil.  Or the team from Accounting…


Communication is not only vital, it is a learned skill.  VR helps hone this skill through multiplayer experiences.  For example, one of our experiences puts a person in a room with a bomb that is ticking down (in VR). The rest of the team are the bomb experts, they cannot see the bomb, but they have a defusal manual. The trapped teammate describes the bomb, the bomb experts give instructions on how to defuse the bomb.  This is back and forth, step by step,  with every choice changing the outcome. Will your team have what it takes to diffuse the bomb?  Every mistake accelerates the countdown. Who will communicate well enough to survive?

Through round robin sessions, where every bomb is different and every move changes the outcome, you can watch your team improve their communication.


Even the most dedicated teams lose focus at times.  New experiences can energize your team and boost morale.  A hike up Mt. Everest or persevering against zombie hordes could be just the thing to shake up your team and get them going again.


Problem solving components include perspective, creativity, and understanding the actual proble so that you are solving the root cause, not just a symptom of a greater issue.

Check out VR puzzle games together where the solutions are only limited by your perspective, creativity and ingenuity.  Now THAT is thinking outside the box!

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