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Throw the Ultimate Company Social!


Come Together as a Team

With so many options, Team building possibilities are endless.

We can help you incorporate an experience into your team goals.

Teamwork: Utilize problem solving skills in a virtual escape room, or take your group into combat, after all, nothing says “I’ve got your back” like working together to triumph over evil.  Or the team from Accounting…

Communication: One person in a headset, the team outside giving verbal clues – will your team have what it takes to diffuse the virtual bomb?  The clock is ticking…

Innovation:  Check out VR puzzle games together where the solutions are only limited by your imagination and creativity.  Now THAT is thinking outside the box!

Focus:  Even the most dedicated teams lose focus at times.  New experiences can energize your team and boost morale.  A trip to the Pyramids, or a hike up to Mt. Everest could be just the thing to shake up your team and get them going again.

You have goals, we have experiences.  Let’s come together to design an outing that will hit the mark – just like a VR archery experience.

Virtual Reality for your next trade show, conference, corporate event or brand activation will make your next event unforgettable!


Ask us about the different brand and sponsorship packages we offer to ensure our clients’ logos are front and center in all aspects of the Virtual Reality experience. VR is a unique opportunity to align your brand with an unforgettable virtual experience your guests are sure to remember forever.

Potential brand placement options include but are not limited to:

Background signage
Headset branding
Table signage
TV/monitor brand exposure
brand and/or product placement within the VR experience

Customized branded 360 videos and experiences. We work closely with all of our clients to customize an experience that exactly fits your event. your needs and your budget. Whether you want to explore underwater worlds, create 3D drawings, or battle alien spaceships, there is something for everyone.  With the latest and greatest VR content,  we ensure we have the best games and experiences available for you. We produce customized and branded content for our clients, and we are happy to tailor the virtual reality experience to your needs. We have experiences with very limited availability and we have design partners that create VR experiences exclusively for us. This allows us to bring your event that extra “WOW” factor that others can’t match.  Reach out to us to discuss enhancing your next event with VR!

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Design your corporate event with Fixation and spare yourself the headache!  Let our experienced professionals help plan the perfect Team outing.  We make the experience as seamless and fun as possible, so you’re completely stress-free.  With many custom packages, our events are geared to your specific needs.  Let us do the work, while you get the kudos.  Contact us today for rates and availability!

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